Tax Return & Suze vs. Dave

The day has come! I can officially strike another student loan off my list! This past week I was able to put $2,709.43 on my Chase Student Loan and pay it off in full!

                          Screenshot of my bank account statement proving the payment happened

                          Screenshot of my bank account statement proving the payment happened

How did I have the money to make this large payment?? Taxes! I filed my taxes a few weeks ago and once my return came, I bit the bullet and put it all on my debt. I'm gonna be honest and say that it was INCREDIBLY tempting to only put a portion towards my debt and put part into my housing fund but I didn't and now I can say that I have completely paid off my Chase loan! 

I logged back on tonight to see if there was some sort of Congratulations page but no, this is all there was:

                                                              SUCK IT CHASE STUDENT LOAN!!

                                                              SUCK IT CHASE STUDENT LOAN!!

Even though Chase didn't seem to care, I've never been happier or more proud of myself. 

Since August 12, 2014 I have paid $8,218.33 towards my debt total...not too shabby for 6 months!

Now comes the hard part, do I choose to go Suze Ormans path or Dave Ramseys?!

I have two debts left to pay before complete financial freedom:

My car = $9798.52 @ 5.25%

My Federal Loan = $18,771.52 6.63%

Grand Total Remaining = $28,569.54

While I am proud of myself for completely paying off my credit card debt and paying my smallest, private student loan, I realize I still have quite a journey ahead. 

My situation is that I do not know which route to take next. Do I continue on Suze Orman's path and pay my highest interest rate first? That means I would focus on paying off my Federal Student Loan which has the larger balance. Or do I follow Dave Ramsey's snowball method and continue by paying my smallest debt first, my car, and then my student loan? What to do? I have been thinking about this long and hard and I think that I am a goal driven person. I like goals that I can meet and move forward from with greater speed. I think that I am going to focus on paying my car off completely and then work on denting that Federal loan. 

Lets hear it for Dave Ramsey and his snowball effect concept!

How is the progress coming on your debt payment plan? If you qualify for a tax refund, are you going to put it towards your debts?