When Life Gives You Lemons...

Xena's obviously enjoying the huge hotel bed I realize it has been awhile since I have written. For those of you who are awesome and read my blog you may know that I lived in Ohio with my boyfriend and bulldog. This past week my partner told me that he wished to be alone. So since then, I have packed up my life and, with help from my family, moved back to North Carolina. I am staying in a hotel with Xena until I figure out what to do next.

I hesitated to write about this because it is a private matter, but I do think that staying transparent with my readers is important.

From the perspective of my Spending Freeze, things have had to be slightly altered a bit. Luckily my parents have provided me with the hotel for a week, so I have free living until Saturday. I haven't been able to eat much so that dramatically cuts down on grocery costs.

While this is pretty much the worst thing that I could have imagined; I am trying to stay positive and find that silver lining. I now have a whole week worth of nights to focus on my writing. My very lovely friend Anna was sweet enough to take me apartment hunting today and, believe it or not, I think I have found the perfect place. Not only are the majority of processing/move in fees waived, they are running a special on a one bedroom where I get a $500 credit if I move in by Saturday. Say whaaaat? Life has basically given me exactly what I needed in this situation. I will not owe money for the remainder of April and my May rent will be significantly lower due to the account credit. Also, the normal rent price is lower than I was paying when I lived in Raleigh previously. Score.

I know this blog is focused on becoming financially independent but this week I am focusing on becoming emotionally independent. I mentioned to my 14 yr. old sister that I feel like Dori when Nemo's dad left her: lost, confused, forgetful. At the time, she just smiled and said it would be okay. Later, as she was leaving she said to me, "Hey Chels, just keep swimming."

How powerful. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

I want to encourage anyone who is going through a tough time, to "just keep swimming." It may be a rough financial patch, you may be struggling with your self-worth or just worried about the future. I encourage you to stop thinking about the next month or day or hour and just live in the moment. Because that's all we have. Tell the people you care about just how awesome they are. Feel proud of yourself when you go to the gym. Do a dance when you pay an extra bill.

Create your own happiness and wallow in it.

I would love to receive your comments and thoughts as always, but I do ask that you refrain from saying anything negative about my partner. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and his decision. He is the most honest and beautiful man I know and I cherish him deeply. Thanks in advance.