Raise1 It has been almost a whole month since I have posted anything...WOWZA!

Without further hesitation, I'd like to announce my super great financial news.....I got a promotion!

That promotion means that instead of my work hours constantly switching every week, I now work the same 9-6 shift. This also means that Ill be working with a whole new team, and meeting all new work friends. I have started the work already and it seems to be a pretty interesting job. Wanna know the most interesting comes with a sweet raise.

I live alone and while it is relaxing, the living expenses eat up my paycheck. With my new raise, Ill be able to put a very significant dent on my loans each month. Its tempting to be all like, "yay me, I now have money and can afford to buy fun things," but I know that if I continue to lead my modest lifestyle, it will all be worth it. I have a document in which I track my loan payments.  With my previous minimum payments each month, it calculated my loans would be payed off in May 2018. Eff. I calculated how much I could put towards my loans each month now and..*drum roll*....I can be debt free in JANUARY 2015!!! Are you SERIOUS??! Talk about motivation.