Resolutions are dumb.

Celebrating the start of a new year with my fabulous friends I fully understand the goal of making a New Years resolution but, common, not everyone is going to look like Arnold come December. While in years past I have made resolutions to play more guitar or travel more, I struggled to turn the thoughts into actions.

My friend Anna posted today about making a word for the year instead of a resolution. Her word was Passion...ya passionate about running or passionate about her relationships. I have been thinking about a word that I would like to cling to this year and I keep coming back to Loyalty. I want to be loyal to myself (by remaining honest and direct and sincere), loyal to the next man I date (by truly giving it my all and not allowing myself to be scared of vulnerability), loyal to my job (by constantly striving to learn more and performing at my fullest potential), and loyal to my commitments (by simply showing up for people).

I have also started Project 365. There is a tab at the top of the page you can check out daily for updates. The idea behind this "project" is to remain grateful for the things around us every day. I'm kinda pumped.



What are some of your goals for the new year? How do you plan on maintaining them?